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We all know that in today’s world nothing comes free, we pay a cost to everything we consume except the ultimate and the priceless air and sunlight which are utterly important for the mankind and comes free to us with the grace of God, but for most of the other things, there is an associated cost and the same applies to Saraf Family Portal as well.

Working since 5 months, we started this application with collecting all the required data about the Saraf Family with whatever the possible sources were available, continued with designing and implementing the technical architecture and completed the phase 1 with the collected data which you are seeing right now.

Any technical or marketing expert of the web technology clearly knows that this application will surely require somewhere between 50,000 – 1,00,000 of rupees as a development cost.

This was perfectly manageable as it did not required any cost till now but hard work and having the sound knowledge of the web technology and being a Saraf, I was self motivated to work on this unique product which helps all the Saraf’s get connected with each other and share the social and business details about each other on the internet.

But from here on, there comes a cost to make this application LIVE on the internet in the form of a website and start maintaining and managing this application with new updates, corrections and other required features and functionalities in the coming future for which, I surely need to request support from all of YOU.

The Support can be in any of the following types mentioned as below

  1. Donations.
  2. Provide us a similar client in other religions or groups looking for a similar application.
  3. Advertisements.
  4. Order a personal webpage for yourself.
  5. Suggest us another way to generate revenue through this application.


If you really like this application, please support us with donations which can be via money order, demand draft, credit card or paypal checks. Send your donations via –

  1. Credit card, Click here to continue for donations
  2. Money orders at, mention the details here
  3. Paypal Account No. xxxxx
  4. Demand Draft at the name of xxxx

I assure all of you that all the donations by you or anyone will be visible to everyone on the “Who Supported Us” page and all the details regarding donator’s name and amount can be seen or verified here.

Provide Us A Similar Client in Other Religions or Groups Looking For A Similar Application –

You can also support this application very well in the coming future by helping us communicate with another group in your contacts looking for a similar application or you can also advertise, market and let other groups in your contacts know about this application and encourage them to become the owners of a similar application, you will always be welcome to become our partner if the group in your contact appreciates our effort and feels interested to get a similar application developed for him / her as well.

Advertisements –

Again you can help us to generate revenue required to maintain and add more valuable feature and facilities to this application by providing us with advertisements, which can be your products or products from other groups again in your social contacts who are looking to market or advertise them among the internet surfers.

We have kept a lot of space on each of the pages in our application for advertisements, which surely will help any product advertisement catch the eyes of every visitor on our website. You can always contact us to know more details about the advertisements and various places the advertisements will be seen in the application, please find our contact details at the end of this page.

Order a personal webpage for yourself –

Order a personal webpage covering all the required details about you and your business in just Rs. 1000/-, your name will be linked to this personal webpage where other people will be able to know more about you and your business, you can always contact us for the same and we will provide you various templates and examples suiting your requirements from which you can easily and quickly select one which interests you the most.

Suggest Us Another Way To Generate Revenue Through This Application –

“What An IDEA Sirji” – We all have seen and heard this line by Abhishek Bacchan in the TV Ads. An idea can surely change lives and so why not the Saraf Family Portal, we do request YOU to help and support us by providing various ideas and ways which aren’t listed above but can surely generate revenue for the site, we again assure you, if the idea works we will surely mention the provider’s name in the same “Who Supported Us” page.


Thanks for all your valuable and precious time in reading all this through...

Anmol Ashok Saraf,
Application Developer of Saraf Family Portal.

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