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  • Shri Ashok Saraf

         Starting with the biggest contributor in this project, Mr. Ashok Saraf, proud to have him as my Father - an expert of communication skills without whom this project (The Saraf Family Portal) won't have at all been possible. He is the person who gave us enough confidence and motivation that the concept to create such a portal is really a great one and we will get all required details about Saraf family through him.

         Taking out the time from his too busy schedule (morning 530 to evening 830) and continuously calling and communicating with most of the respected relatives, elders and there children in the Saraf Family for the various details required to be stored in the database has really been very hectic on his part but very kind and helpful on ours.

         As you must be knowing that he communicated with you and nearly each of the related persons in the Saraf Family to get the rare important social details like anniversary, birthday etc. to name a few through telephonic, personal or whatever way of communication was possible, hence on behalf of the Saraf Family I really thank him for collecting and providing us all the information about the various associated members in the Saraf Family.

  • Mrs. Anchal Saraf

         Another equally big contributor in this project, Mrs. Anchal Saraf, again to be lucky to have her as my Wife, she literally irritated my Mother (Smt. Chandrakanta Saraf) so much by continuously disturbing and running behind my Father (Shri Ashok Saraf) all the time like as soon as he enters home in the evening she was already setup with the phone and anxiously starts requesting him to start calling the respected listed persons of the Saraf Family for the collection of the various details required for storing in the database of the Saraf Family Portal, so that the development of the application starts as early as possible.

         Another credit goes to her for designing various pages in this site, helping in most of the HTML, CSS and JavaScript development part and also for doing the most hard work of cautiously entering and storing all the details on paper into the computer database and also from time to time rechecking, verifying and tallying all the details again and again as slight mistakes in the entries would have swapped the wives, fathers and other relative details with some other's father and wife :-) Still I do not 100% guarantee that all the details about various persons are truly correct and upto the mark, there may be incorrect entries as the details of most of the persons are collected through various channels and branches connected with them. Please do inform us at,, 9425048610, 9424597644, 9425406362 if you find any incorrect details about yourself or somebody else, we will try to correct that as soon as possible. Send Corrections.

  • Main and Quick Detail Providers

    • Shri Rajmal Saraf
    • Shri Manohar Nahar, Nahar Pariwar, Ratlam
    • Shri Bhimsen Saraf
         These are the persons who really appreciated and motivated us for creating an application of this kind, they were the leaders in collecting and quickly providing us all the details related with their family and group and this approach was very supportive and encouraging for us.

  • Mrs. Nirja Saraf - How this application started..

         Big credit goes to Mrs. Nirja Jai Saraf for providing us an idea to create a website for Saraf's which me and Anchal initially took in a little different way to create a small few pages static website having origin and other general details about the Saraf Family.

         A few days later while I was looking at a family tree in some book or magazine and there this related idea strike to create a dynamic web application portal instead of a static website which has features like Family Tree with nodes starting from the origin of Saraf family and siblings and child nodes coming in the form various generations till date (lot of features are yet to come.. :-) ), a platform where details about each and every Saraf is available online, a place where one Saraf can search and communicate with another Saraf, a place where parents can mention details about their young boys and girls ready for marriage and other Saraf's can relate them with the ones in their social friends and community groups. Like these, there are many more and more social features yet to be attached to this Saraf Family Portal in the coming future.

  • Mr. Satyanarayan Verma (Satya)

         Last but not at all the least, big credit goes to Satya, my great friend and office colleague as well, for helping me with creating the basic platform of the application database and providing me the idea to have 3 tables in the database, he also created and explained me the inter relationships among them.

         I never felt the pressure to write any kind of complex code in this application just because of Satya's humble presence to provide any kind of technical guidance whenever I required.

         I understand the non-technical ones won’t understand anything in the above lines :-) but the technical persons in the Saraf Family can always contact me to know more details about the database design and other technologies used in the development of this application if this makes them curious and interested.

         Suggestions are always welcome from anybody if they are helpful in improving and making this application even better and more useful in the coming future. Please use the feedback link for the same.

     So now the platform is ready, plans are so many, only thing remaining is the support from all of YOU... How can YOU ALL support this application can be found in the SUPPORT REQUIRED section, the BIGGEST and Other More Important Contributors are YET TO COME in the form of YOU, please do visit it HERE.

Thanks for all your valuable and precious time in reading all this through...

Anmol Ashok Saraf,
Application Developer of Saraf Family Portal.

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